Scented wickless candles & bath products

Handcrafted using quality ingredients and designed to invoke relaxation, wipe away stress and create a blissful state anywhere you are

Excite your sense, Find your own slice of paradise now

Fill your home and uplift your senses with blissfully aromatic candles specially designed to take you away to your own personal paradise.

Create the perfect ambiance with a variety of natural, long-lasting aromatic experiences - refresh, revitalize and invigorate your spirits or soothe, calm and relax your mind.

Embark on a journey that will awaken your sense.  These popular products instantly whisk you away to lands filled with cool sea breazes, bold arabian aromas and luxurious fruit infusions.

Unwicked Scents Wax Smelts | the longest lasting melts available

Pamper your body, mind, and soul with our bath & body, lip care and candle collections

Discover soft and supple skin with our luxurious Insane Moisture Butter Scrub, Scrub Bars, Body Butters and our Licked Lips balm and scrub.  Our delectable signature scents will immediately relax your mind and body and transport you to your own personal paradise.

Our aromatic candles, body and lip treatments are made only with natural, pure ingredients that rejuvenate your mind and soothe your body.

You'll love our line of luscious body butters, scrub bars and lip balms

Frustrated with candles that lose their scent after only one use and emit toxic fumes into your home?

Most candles on the market today are made with cheap ingredients that promise an aromatic experience that they cannot deliver.

This isn't just disappointing, in some cases, the ingredients can be harmful for your health.

You deserve a safe product hand crafted with natural waxes that will invigorate your senses with uplifting scents and ingredients that deliver luxury and relaxation for a price you can afford.

You shouldn't have to worry if the ingredients in your scented candles and bath products are harmful for you and if they'll deliver on their promise.

Unwicked Scents was founded to provide quality scented wickless candles and bath products using natural ingredints you will love and can afford.

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