Two Quick Tricks to Make Your Home More Relaxing

relaxed home with flowers and bed

Life can sure get hectic, huh?

Sometimes it can feel like all we do is run around. It takes real effort to slow down and relax.

Relaxing shouldn't be a chore, so today, I want to give you two little tips that will make your home an instant haven of relaxation:

  1. Studies have shown that a bouquet of *real* flowers in your space can have relaxing and calming benefits, especially if you choose blooms with less saturated colors (i.e. pastels, violet, and light pink hues).
  2. Get rid of clutter. Yes, clutter and knick-knacks can make you feel chaotic, stressed, and disorderly. Try to keep little knick-knacks to a minimum; instead, replace them with items that relax, soothe, and/or inspire: a few photographs, plants, or a warmer melting a relaxing, wickless candle.

So, on your way home today, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers and perhaps clear a little bit of your clutter away. You'll be surprised at the peace and tranquility you'll achieve with just a couple small steps.

If you're looking for additional ways to soothe and relax, check out our line of comforting and calming wickless candles and body products below this post.


Keep Calm and...Keep calm :)




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