Are you tired of spending money on expensive candles that smell great in the store, but after you light them once, the scent virtually disappears?

You are not alone. After 20 years of creating exquisite scents as a cosmetic chemist, it pained me to purchase pricey candles from reputable brands that would lose their scent, or worse, fill my home with toxic chemicals. A candle is NOT worth the air my family and I breathe!

I knew there had to be a better way, so I set out on a mission to create a candle collection that was safe for my home, my family, and my pets.  My goal was to create a candle that could fill a room with its fragrance and instantly transport someone to a sun-washed field of orchids or their own cozy, romantic corner in an Arabian cafe.    

I'm so proud to offer you true quality with ingredients you can trust at a price you can afford. I hope our fine products can give you as much joy, relaxation, and bliss as they’ve given my family and me.

To your health happiness and making your space your own slice of paradise,

- John Goffredo, Founder